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Herbert W. Zoozman’s most outrageous exploitation opus, “They Came In Outer Space,” lives again! Zoozman’s son, Herbie Zoozman Jr., has reinvented this masterwork for Earplay using the modern miracle of Zoozman Interactive Cranial Activit-O-Vision ™, where YOU are Zoozman’s Co-Producer!


“They Came In Outer Space,” starring Zoozman’s soon-to-be-ex-wife Clara “Mynx” Devlin, premiered in 731 drive-ins across America in 1959. In the 1960’s and 70’s it appeared 2,837,497,208 times on late night television. It’s the mythic story of studly rocket-jockey Commander Brad L. Whiteman and his journey to a planet inhabited entirely by comely-but-deadly “Panther Women.”


Brad may be one joystick short of a cockpit, but he’s no wimp. And he and his intrepid crew – including YOU! – will battle every cliché known to 1950’s B-movies in this wet-your-pants, thrill a minute “terrifying journey into the known.”

This is a choose your own adventure story that you play with your voice.  You're not just a listener. You are in charge. A co-creator.  With Earplay, you are finally steering the story. Have fun, but try not to drive it off a cliff. 

















They Came in Outer Space Trailer - Herbert W. Zoozman Jr.
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        Real Critic Reviews! Really!



“This is, without a doubt, the greatest piece of entertainment ever produced by sentient humans. This review is totally NOT being written by H.W. Zoozman Jr., because that would be wrong. Somebody completely different. A guy named, I don’t know, Phil something. So there. Shut up.”

- Not H.W. Zoozman Jr.



“Beefcake1933 here, the original Commander Brad Whiteman from the movie. I’m 87 years old now, residing at “Double-Wide Estates,” a trailer park in Canoga Park. It’s only $235 dollars fer gawdsakes. I’m sick of dining on cat food canapés. Oh, and the guy who plays me in this version? Stinks.”

- Niles LeBeefe



“Thought there’d be nudity. Didn’t someone promise nudity? I got to this thing from this Filipino website where…well, it’s not important. I’ll play it again, try a different interactive path. Maybe I just missed it.”

- Joe

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