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Areas of Expertise

If you need somone to make you a souffle or re-pipe your house or give you a makeover, you may need another google search.   If you need help with game writing, narrative design,  script doctoring, voice casting or direction...then you're in the right place.

Game Writing and Narrative Design

My mission is to build immersion by creating stories and characters so compelling and so connected to gameplay that players can't put down their controllers.   


I'm all about creating emotion and giving the player a reason to care.  


I have the background and experience to understand that everyone on the team contributes to telling the story. Art, programming, design, and narrative must come together to support and give context to the game mechanics.  


I've worked onsite and offsite via skype and email and I understand how game production works.  


I can help with...


*Story Structure

*Narrative Design

*Environmental story design

*Believable and entertaining dialogue.

*Character Creation


*Quest Design


*Systemic Dialogue


*UI, Text, and Tutorials















I co-wrote the song in the opening cinematic for Dead Island: "Who Do You Voodoo."
Script Doctoring, Editing, & Localization

Often a team can be pretty deep into development before they realize that the story in their game isn't firing on all cylinders.   


They know they need help, but they aren't sure where to turn or who to call. 


Why not go to someone who has been down that very road and knows how to avoid every blind turn and plot hole.  


That would be me.


I've changed a game's entire story even after all the art assets have been created and all the levels have been built.   It's never too late to fix a storyline or a charactor or even rejigger an entire narrative.


Good or bad, game reviewers always spend a lot of time on the story and the voice acting and if either one is lacking, the review score inevitably falls.  


Sometimes the story can be the easist and least expensive part of the game to fix.   Sometimes all that's needed is a dialogue polish or a smart rewrite.


Whether your story needs a tune up or a total rebuild from the ground up,  I can get it done.




Voice Casting and Voice Direction



Steve Blum

I've been a casting director and voice director for over twenty years.   I've worked with some of best voice actors in the business as well as more than a few TV and movie stars.   I've directed VO for commercials, documentaries, animation, and for the last ten years, video games.  


As a partner in  Double RR Recording Studios and Production,  I've worked with every top voice agent in town.  I have a deep knowledge of the voice talent in Los Angeles, but I'm always on the lookout for new talent and new voices.  














Writing a great script is only part of the equation.  Finding the right actors who can bring your characters to life is just as important.  Casting is an  essential part of the process of character creation.  










I see directing as an extension of writing.   It's all part of the same process of creating an immersive story.  A story that will make your game an emotional and memorable experience.   




Me and George Takei
Double RR Studios and Production
Double RR conference room
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