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“…another charming, thrilling and amusing page-turner that makes me sad for the rest” – Mark A. Altman, bestselling author of Nobody Does It Better: The Complete Oral History of James Bond. 

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“Orkin’s brilliance, and his gift to the reader, is the innate ability to create dark characters  worthy of a Thomas Harris thriller and mingle them with James Flynn, the Everyman of our time; damaged, heroic, humorous and heartbreaking.”

--James L. Cox, author of Silver or Lead.

“In James Flynn, Haris Orkin has created one of the most unique heroes in modern mystery. Part James Bond, part patient in One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. License To Die is a fast, fun, and thrilling read penned by a skilled writer who knows how to walk a tightrope without falling off!”  

--Matt Coyle, author of the Shamus, Anthony and Lefty Award-winning Rick Cahill Series

“Surprisingly gritty and epic in scale, while relentlessly sending up spy fiction that takes itself too seriously.”

 --Antony Johnston, creator of Atomic Blonde and the Brigitte Sharp thrillers"

License To Die will be released July 6th, 2023 

It's currently available for pre-order at Amazon and

Avalon Entertainment, producers of  Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and Catastrophe, recently optioned the Flynn Escapades to produce as a streaming series.  This could take a while, so don't hold your breath. I'm not. But it's a good first step.

Haris Orkin

"A James Bond parody that delivers plenty of laugh-out-loud moments, pulse-pounding action scenes and biting social commentary."  -

"The James Flynn character takes the James Bond myth through Alice's looking glass with a story that never lets up and leaves the reader breathless at the end.  Nothing is as it seems and yet everything is as you want it to be.  I could not stop reading it.  Something here for everybody."   

--Tom McCaffrey, bestselling author of The Wise Ass

The perfect read if you're a fan of James Bond, Carl Hiaasen, Janet Evanovich, Douglas Adams, or Don Quixote.

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