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“Goldhammer has all the heart stopping action and biting wit of the first two novels, but at its core, this one is all heart. Bonkers in the best possible way.” —Wendall Thomas, the Anthony, Lefty, and Macavity nominated author of the Cyd Redondo Mysteries

“A fast-paced quixotic thriller that would make Miguel de Cervantes and Ian Fleming proud.  Orkin has the remarkable ability to keep the reader straddled between a genuine spy thriller and an off-the-wall comedy” —Joe Barret, Award-winning author of Managed Care

“Orkin writes the Flynn series with such panache that I started to believe the hero actually works for Her Majesty’s Secret Service and that all the other characters are crazy.” —Bill Fitzhugh, Award-winning author of Pest Control and A Perfect Harvest

"A James Bond parody that delivers plenty of laugh-out-loud moments, pulse-pounding action scenes and biting social commentary."

Avalon Entertainment, producers of  Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and Catastrophe, recently optioned the Flynn Escapades to produce as a streaming series.  This could take a while, so don't hold your breath. I'm not. But it's a good first step.

Haris Orkin

“One of those books that has you laughing and turning pages well into the night.” —Len Boswell, Bestselling author of The Simon Grave Mysterie

“A riotous comic novel that’s also a legit page turner. A deftly plotted, swiftly paced thriller.” —R. Lee Procter, Author of The Million Dollar Sticky Note and Sugarball

The perfect read if you're a fan of James Bond, Carl Hiaasen, Janet Evanovich, Douglas Adams, or Don Quixote.

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